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‘Jaffa’ Cakes

For those who have been living in a hole a Jaffa Cake is a cake (not a biscuit!) which is a circle of cake topped with orange jelly and then by a layer of chocolate. My first challenge was to try and recreate these little snacks.

My mum’s suggestion was to use the basic structure of a jaffa, but I wanted to do something more interesting – take the original flavours and try something new. Eventually I came up with this, two different cakes.

The chocolate topped one is orange sponge, chocolate ganache (to seal), orange jelly and then more chocolate ganache but this time with more milk in to make it less solid.

The orange one has been cut open so you can have a look inside. It’s similar to the other but has a vanilla sponge and rather than normal ganache has a topping created from orange chocolate buttons.

These cakes came with a bit of drama – since I made the jelly myself (using a packet but hey) I put it in the fridge, as you do. However this was not a good plan. My dad has a “space is a premium, if I don’t think it’s important/food it will be removed” policy on the fridge and although I’d carefully re-arranged everything so that I could have a shelf for my jelly, it had to go. Now originally I was ok with this, but then the jelly started to melt and deliquesce over my ganache and I was not a happy bunny.

Eventually I managed to put these little guys together – verdict from my family?

Jelly was not necessary and if I was going to put it in it should have been firmer.

Firmer?! You made me take it out the fridge!

Ah well, another day maybe

BakingHappy 🙂 xx


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